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Friends we are here with Breaking News WhatsApp group for You all. Here you will get Daily Breaking News. News updates about Politics, Sports, Current Affair, International News, Bollywood or Hollywood News, Information Technology News. In short you will be connected to world and can be updated by WhatsApp only.


Only news from authenticated sources will be posted on the News WhatsApp group. Life has become too fast so we don’t have time to see what’s happening around us. But in this fast life Whatsapp become the easiest way to connect people so why don’t we use this great application as source of information.  You always have to time to see Whatsapp because its easily accessible.


Here those who want Daily News Update on Whatsapp, so join this group. To join whatsapp group you need to comment below with their active whatsapp number and we will add your no. in WhatsApp Daily News Group. One thing you need to remember please put out country code above mobile number.  So guys we all join whats app group for fun but this time it’s for your knowledge and be updated around the world. Below are type of Daily News you will receive after join.


Join WhatsApp Daily News Group for:

  • National And International News
  • Loksabha And Rajyasabha News
  • Sports News
  • Bollywood and Hollywood
  • Information Technology News
  • Business News
  • Current Affairs and Other news

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