How to Create WhatsApp Group and Add Nubers / Members

Create WhatsApp Group and Add Number / Members

Create New WhatsApp Group

Hey Guys we always ask you to join whatsApp group but we would like to share some information about whatsapp group how you can create  Group and add member to it. So there is very simple procedure to create a group on whatsapp application.


How to create Whatsapp Group and add Numbers / Members

  • Open WhatsApp and go to the Chats screen.
  • At the top of the chats screen, press the New Group button.
  • Type in a subject or title or name of the group you want.
  • Add group participants by selecting +, or by typing the name of the contact.
  • Press Create to finish creating the group.


And this is for our existing member and for new member anybody who wants to create a Whatsapp group. You can leave your no in comment box below so that we can ask everybody to join your group after some research on your authenticity.


And if you guys need any assistance on crating whatsapp group just leave your no. with query. You can create any type of whatsapp group funny Jokes, Funny Video, etc.


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